EWAS Educational Programs

English With A Smile (EWAS) is an original, proven methodology for teaching English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) to preschool and school-age children.

Demo Lesson

Contains original, exclusive materials (music, lyrics, characters, stories, games)  Promotes speaking, listening, reading and writing  Adds a new dimension to learning through special techniques and tools Is taught by trained, EWAS-certified teachers Encourages creativity

The EWAS Opportunity

Launch an EWAS franchise in your area. We offer a complete business package with full operational and pedagogical support.

Our teacher training sets us apart. Learn how you can become a certified EWAS teacher.

NEW FROM EWAS: Online teacher training. See the demo. 

Experts Endorse EWAS

The EWAS educational program was developed by educators Gadi Bossin, Ph.D., and Joel Tal, M.Sc.

The EWAS program is endorsed by experts.

The EWAS Advantage

English With A Smile engaging, sound pedagogy and methodology, highly entertaining, proven successful. We guarantee it will make children smile!

Tens of thousands of children around the world have successfully and confidently learned to produce language with the EWAS program.

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